About The New Aesthetic

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What Is The New Aesthetic?

The New Aesthetic is a UK-based business founded in 2017 by graphic designer Jon Plant and marketing executive Leanne Sturrock. The business specialises in creating a range of fun products, from funny greetings cards to comfortable travel apparel, pop culture inspired posters and so much more.

As an aspiring business couple, Jon and Leanne decided to launch their home based business after sharpening their skills in each of their industries. After many years spent working for a print-on-demand company based in Hertfordshire, Jon realised that he could take his talents solo and, with a little help from his girlfriend Leanne, The New Aesthetic was born!

Our Work

Each of our products feature digitally drawn artwork inspired by the world around us. Whether you’re a pop culture fanatic, a keen traveller, an avid foodie or simply into current trends, there’s certainly a product for you at The New Aesthetic. What’s more, we also print custom t-shirts, personalised cards and a range of other products tailored for you - so if you’re looking for the perfect custom gift idea, reach out to us. We’d love to bring your vision to life!

(For custom designs, please email thenewaestheticstore@gmail.com with the title ‘Custom Design Request’)

Our Ethos

The New Aesthetic team seeks to create high-quality items which don’t compromise on ethical or eco-responsibility. All of our items are printed with child-friendly, vegan inks; additionally, our paper items are forest friendly (FSC-certified) and our apparel items are ethically sourced (in fact, our tote bags are made using recycled plastic!). Each of these factors form a huge part of our ethos, and by supporting us you're also helping to create better standards across the print industry as a whole.

Our Brands

You’ll see a range of products in The New Aesthetic store, including political birthday cards, funny Christmas cards, music posters, travel posters, a wide range of apparel (inspired by travel, pop culture and food) and much more. As well as being its own entity, The New Aesthetic serves as a parent company to a number of smaller brands. You can learn more about the TNA family by reading below:

PopDogShop - This is the most vibrant member of the family, with all items relating to the world of pop culture! Whether you love tv shows, films, music or video games, there's always going to be something for you at PopDogShop. Be sure to shop this collection for pop culture inspired gifts!

Dojo Deco - A brand that's all about filling your home with personality and style. Many of these items are of a minimal nature, and allow you to decorate your living space without feeling cluttered!

The New Aesthetic/TNA - As our flagship, The New Aesthetic is all about style with a quirky edge. Many of our items are inspired by some of our favourite things in life - from Japanese food to nature, major cities, animals and more. Whatever your taste may be, The New Aesthetic offers a great way to express yourself in comfort and style. Keep your eyes peeled for more items in the future!

If you would like to partner with us and sell on our website, message us with a little bit about yourself using the term ‘Partnership Opportunities’ in the subject line. thenewaestheticstore@gmail.com