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About The New Aesthetic

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We're Jon and Leanne, owners of The New Aesthetic.

We started this business in 2017 after working in the print and design industry for over 7 years. This business was born by wanting to do high-quality design and products that had love, care and attention poured into them. We weren't happy seeing first hand the companies that did not care about the quality of their products, and so The New Aesthetic was built with a desire to do better.

Our Work/Ethos

Each of our products feature digitally-drawn artwork, with pieces ranging from fan-art to unique designs inspired by the world around us. We thrive to create responsibly, and as such we only stock eco/animal-friendly items. Our shirts are ethically sourced, and the materials used on our cards and posters are forest-friendly too. All products use vegan inks, which are also non-harmful to children. Each of these factors form a huge part of our ethos, and by supporting us you're also helping to create better standards across the print industry as a whole.

Our Designs

You'll see many different products across our website, with different styles and design principles seen along the way. This is because The New Aesthetic serves as a parent company to two smaller companies, as well as being its own entity. You can learn more about each member of the TNA family by reading on:

PopDogShop - This is the most vibrant member of the family, with all items relating to the world of pop culture! Whether you love tv shows, films, music or video games, there's always going to be something for you at PopDogShop.

Dojo Deco - A brand that's all about filling your home with personality and style. Many of these items are of a minimal nature, and allow you to decorate your living space without feeling cluttered!

The New Aesthetic/TNA - As our flagship, The New Aesthetic is all about street style with a quirky edge. Many of our items are inspired by some of our favourite things in life - from Japanese food to nature, major cities, animals and more. Whatever your taste may be, The New Aesthetic offers a great way to express yourself in comfort and style. Keep your eyes peeled for more items in the future!

If you would like to partner with us and sell on our website, message us with a little bit about yourself!