Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - The Perfect Gifts For Travel Lovers

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With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to the festive season: snuggly jumpers, hot chocolate, and of course the joy of gift giving are all elements of ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. But while Christmas is a super enjoyable occasion, there are few other times of the year which can spark the sensation of wanderlust like December can.

It’s true: Christmastime is blustery, cold, and also comes with something of an obligation to stay home with your loved ones (not that that’s a bad thing - family are great, it’s just the ‘staying home’ thing which sucks!). Whether you’re somebody who enjoys lounging by the beach or exploring cities far different to those you know at home, it’s hard to escape the allure of travelling - so satiate that ‘travel bug’ sensation by checking out our list of travel-themed gift ideas, either to add to your own wishlist or to treat a loved one to this Christmas! After all, what better way is there to get into the ‘holiday’ spirit…?

‘Live, Love, Explore' Poster

Travel Poster Inspiration Live Love Explore

Let’s get right to it - a travel poster is the perfect bit of ever-present inspo to encourage us to keep living that adventurer’s dream. By hanging this up in your bedroom, living room, dorm room or wherever you (or the giftee) may see fit, you’ll always be reminded of your personal top priorities and how to keep them in check.

Outdoor Adventure Mug

Travel Outdoors Inspiration Mug

What kind of traveller are you? If you’re somebody who loves the great outdoors, this minimal mug will serve as the perfect reminder of that. Whether fuelling your working days with cups of coffee or using it as a pot to store pens, pencils and more, this mug will look perfectly at home on your desktop. (Psst - you can also get this same design on a cushion!)

Outdoor Adventure T-Shirt

Travel Outdoors Adventure T-Shirt Apparel Clothing Influencer Instagram

If you love the above design, maybe you’d like to check it out on a t-shirt? Our shirts are printed on super-soft cotton, which are perfectly comfortable for time in-flight or even just lounging around the house. They’re nice and breathable, too, so if you’re keen to scale a mountain top, you’ll be sure to look (and feel) cool while wearing this tee. (You can also get this same design on a tote bag, ideal for using as an in-flight carry on!)

Travel Carry-On

Travel Tote Bag Carry On Adventure Explorer Influencer Instagram Inspiration

Speaking of carry-ons, this simple travel-themed tote bag makes for a practical and stylish addition to your travel wardrobe. Strong and spacious, this bag is ideal for storing those in-flight must-haves...but can equally serve as a daily reminder of where you’ve been, or where you’re yet to go.

‘Beach Bum’ Tote Bag

Peach Tote Beach Bag Beach Bum

This cheeky tote bag will make the perfect addition to your beach holiday! Life really is a peach when you’re unwinding poolside, but be sure to dry off with this themed towel too.

‘Visit…’ Collection

Harry Potter T-Shirt Hogwarts Visit Hogwarts Apparel

Whether you’re someone who likes city breaks or a relaxing ‘flop and drop’-type escape, our travel desires don’t always have to be so literal. It’s often fun to escape to different worlds altogether through the use of tv, books and cinema - so check out our ‘Visit…’ collection for that! Wannabe wizards, anime lovers, and Wakanda panthers rejoice: there’s a tee for you to be found at The New Aesthetic.

‘Lost in Translation’ T-Shirt

Lost in Translation T-Shirt

There are few films as synonymous with travel than Sophia Coppola’s sophomore effort, the Japan-inspired ‘Lost in Translation’. Live out your big-city fantasies by picking up a themed t-shirt, poster, tote bag or mug, featuring minimal versions of Bob and Charlotte.

Japan Cushion

Japanese Cushion Japan Home Decor

Speaking of Japan (our personal favourite destination of all!), you might love this cushion emblazoned with a map of ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’. You can also pick up the same print on a t-shirt, if you wish.

Hokusai ‘Great Wave’ T-Shirt

Hokusai Great Wave T-Shirt Japan Apparel Travel Influencer Adventure Explore Fashion

If you prefer a more traditional Japan, pay homage to one of their most famous artists in this Hokusai-inspired tee. You’ll be sure to make waves when wearing it.

‘Photographer AF’ T-Shirt

Photographer T-Shirt Funny Travel Apparel Instagram Influencer

Even long after you’ve gotten home, the photographs from your adventures will last forever. Whether you’re an avid Instagram user (or know somebody who is), or if you take more of a professional stance on your photography, this t-shirt is the perfect choice. If wearing your hobby isn't quite your style, why not consider a mug instead?

‘Home Is…’ Collection

Home Is Where The Dog Is Cat Pet Home Decor

Rounding out our Christmas wish-list is something of a reminder that, actually, travel isn’t everything...sure, seeing the world is a dream held by so many of us from around the globe, but there are certain creature comforts which some of us hold so very dear. Whether as a treat for yourself or for a friend/family member, this cushion might make the perfect gift this Christmas.

Love these items? Place an order by December 1st to save 10% - use the code 'XMAS10' to apply the discount to any of these items, or any other item in our store!

Many of these items come in different colours, so be sure to check out their individual listings for options! If you need a kid's size or ladies' fitted option, just shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help.

Each of our items are ethically sourced and printed, using forest-friendly card (where applicable) and vegan/child-friendly inks - perfect for a guilt-free Christmastime.

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